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August Home Maintenance Checklist

Now that Summer’s coming to an end, Fall is just around the corner which means you need to perform maintenance on your home to get it ready for the coming Winter months. Below you will find the checklist that will help you get your home Fall and Winter ready!

Family Command Center. Fall is one of the busiest times of the year and it’s important to have a central command center for calendars, grocery lists, mail, keys and notes! This small addition will save you time and keep you sane throughout the beginning of the school year!

Time for the Storage Tubs. If you’re like most people, you use storage containers to store just about anything! Since you’ll be getting Winter clothes out and putting Summer clothes up, take this time to go through your Summer (and Winter) clothes and get rid of what you haven’t worn in a year. Also use this time to assess your Fall decor to see what you will need for the upcoming Fall months.

Declutter the Kitchen. Once school starts, the time for you to clean out your kitchen diminishes. Make time to declutter your kitchen by cleaning out cupboards, refrigerator, freezers and dishwashers. Organize your pantry throwing out expired food and restock. Lastly, start meal planning quick, easy and healthy meals for those tough days you won’t have time to cook a lengthy meal.

Floors, Carpets and Baseboards. Everyone hates doing it but it’s so important. Summer rains and entertainment can leave your floors and baseboards looking rough. Give your carpet a deep clean, steam tile floors and wash down hardwood. Use soap and water to clean your baseboards or use a vacuum attachment with soft edges. Scuffs on your wall? Gently use a magic eraser to remove the scuff mark!

Vehicle Interior. Not home related, but your car will basically be your home during the fall if you have kids! Purge and toss what’s not needed in your car and use Armor All interior wipes to clean off dust and debris from your interior. Wipe out drink holders, vacuum the floors and seats and remove anything not needed in your trunk to make room for what’s to come.

Roofing. Walk around your home and look at your exterior such as deck, patio, siding and roof. Are there any loose shingles? When was the roof last replaced? Does your brick or stone need power washed? What about your deck? Is it peeling and need a new paint or stain job to prepare for the Winter? Now’s the time to get this stuff fixed before it’s too late and too cold.

The Dreaded Garage. No one wants to organize the garage. That’s where you don’t park your cars just to make sure you have enough storage room! It’s time. Click the garage door opener and open that baby up! Purchase tubs and build cabinets if you have to, but DO IT. It’s not too hot out and who knows, you may actually experience some therapy getting rid of the junk you don’t need. Organize the kid’s bike and sporting equipment, yard and garden equipment and sweep the floor. Donate the items you haven’t used in the last year (or two)!

School Supplies. Get out the backpacks and lunch boxes to clean and organize.

Filters. Change out AC Filters and Dust Vents. Have a professional come in if you don’t have the time or if it’s been awhile since you’ve had it done.

Cushions. Scrub Down Cushions and Vacuum Between. Pull out the couches (and appliances) and vacuum behind.