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    Why A Home is More Than Just a Home

    31 years ago, my parents decided to purchase their first single family home with my sister at two and I just an infant. They bought a split level home in Jeffersontown where many younger families were buying at the time. This four bedroom, two bath home became the foundation of a growing family. This home is still the home my parents live in today, after 31 years! This is pretty rare this day and age with job promotions and the hustle and bustle of families constantly changing. I have to say I am pretty blessed that I was able to grow up with one home being “home.”

    When first bought in the 70’s, it consisted of dark brown wood and brick exterior, brown carpet throughout and wallpaper everywhere. I remember my bedroom was a rusty carpet color with blue and white wallpaper. My closet was directly above the stairs so I didn’t have much room for storage, but ended up throwing everything in there to “clean” my room anyway. This home has been through so many updates through the different trend periods, but it remains the same home I know and love.

    It’s the home I had all my friends over for sleepovers, we raised our first puppy in, and had our first Tornado hide out in the basement. It’s where I would play cashier or church and where my sister and I would practice our gymnastic routines. It’s where I improved my volleyball skills bumping the ball against the house (my parents hated the sound of that) and later received a scholarship for. It’s where heartbreak happened, where laughter roared, and love existed. It was my safe place. It’s the place where I yearned to go back too while in college to chill out and eat mom’s cooking.

    Don’t ever let someone tell you a home is “just a home.” A home is more than just a place to live, it’s a place to create memories that last a lifetime. It’s a place you and your family will talk about and cherish. So when you’re searching for a home, you’re not only searching for a place to live, but a place to create special moments in your life.


    If you’re looking for that future home to build love and memories, search for it here.

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