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Am I Ready To Sell?

Selling your home can be a fun, yet overwhelming experience, especially if you’ve never sold before. You have to first get your home ready to sell, make sure you have a home to move into and price your home among other things. In this 10-part journal series, we are going to break things down so the selling process is less of a hassle and more of an enjoyment for you. If you’ve sold before, or are thinking about selling your first home, this journal series will be beneficial to you!

Decision Stage. This is the beginning stage of the selling process. This stage can happen in your mind or out loud with your family. Questions that may come to mind during this stage are: Do we have a home we are moving into? Are we pre-approved for the new home? Is my house ready to sell? What is the amount I can get for my home? What do I need to do to get my house ready? When should I list my house? Do I need a realtor? What fees would I have to pay if I hired a realtor? What is the listing process?

So, is your home ready to sell? This is a question everyone struggles with when it comes to selling their home. There’s so many factors that go into getting your home “ready.” The first question to ask yourself is, are YOU ready? Why are you thinking about selling? Is your home starting to feel too tight? Or is your home too big for the amount of people who live in it? Are you wanting to move closer to work or a school? The answers to these questions are important in making the decision to sell your home and need to be answered first.

The next question needed answered is, where are moving to? If you have not looked, no worries, Team Panella has you covered. The first step is to get you pre-approved from one of our excellent lenders! Once you’re pre-approved, Team Panella will send you listings based on your criteria for your new home. You will get instant notifications of new homes listed on the market hourly, daily or whenever you’d like to receive them from us!

Once you’ve determined why you want to move and where you’re moving to, the next question to ask yourself is what do you want the price of your home to be when you sell? All of us have a price in mind when selling our home, but we also can’t read buyers’ minds to determine the price they’ll pay. However, we do have some key factors that buyers look at when visiting homes. According to research in the housing industry, the factors that can have an effect on the sale price of your home are these: prices of similar homes sold in the neighborhood, updated kitchen and bathrooms, neutral paint colors, finished basements, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances or matching appliances, location and the backyard space. These factors should be taken into consideration when deciding on a price and it may be in your best interest to get a professional opinion. Not having a home priced right can leave your home on the market longer, potential money loss and frustration.

Now that you gained all the information needed to sell your home and made the decision to continue moving forward, the next question for you is if you should use a realtor. Stay tuned for the next journal of our 10 part journal series that will discuss the choice of having a realtor represent you in the buying and selling process!

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