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Silver Dollar & Hilltop Tavern – Frankfort Ave.

When you’re driving through Clifton looking for a way to spend the evening, it seems only natural that you will end up at the Silver Dollar or Hilltop Tavern.

They’re right across the street from each other, so it should be no stretch to visit both bars, but if you have to pick which one to visit– how would you choose?

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Both spots have fantastic food and a great selection– whether you’re a carnivore, a vegetarian, looking for a large meal or small plate, both Silver Dollar and Hilltop Tavern will meet your needs. They both have a well-stocked bar, make great cocktails, and have good service– so what’s the difference?

Silver Dollar is where you’d go on a first date, or for an intimate party. There are strung lights tactfully spread through the interior and exterior, and the whole first floor is covered in tables. There’s a private party room upstairs for larger gatherings, but maintains the intimacy of the entire restaurant.

Walk across the street, and what you get is more laid back. There are games everywhere, and the bartenders function as your friends. They are polite, but attentive– and not just to your class. They’re able to carry conversations about whatever you need, just like a classic bartender should. The place is stocked with giant jenga, board games of all kinds, ping pong, cards, and enough space to include as many people as you want in said games.

Think of it this way: imagine you’re on a first date. You’ll go to Silver Dollar first, for drinks and a cocktail, to make good first impressions– and when that is done, you’ll walk to Hilltop, where you’ll be able to kick back and really get to know one another.

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