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    How to Lower Your Energy Bill this Winter

    Winter is a season that brings all sorts of great things- colds, snow, ice and high energy bills. While we can’t control the first three, we can take action to lower the impact Winter has on our energy bills. Below are some tips on how you can save some $ this Winter and still afford life after Winter:


    1. Sun Sun Sun. Use the sun to warm up your home. During the day, pull back the curtains, open the blinds and let the light shine in! This is free heat people!
    2. Become a Fan of Fans. Ceiling fans can be used to achieve better airflow throughout your home. During the Summer, you want your fans counter-clockwise to push hot air up and clockwise in the winter to trap the heat inside your rooms during the Winter.
    3. Bundle Up. This is literally the easiest way to save money on your heating bill. Sweats, sweatshirts, socks and more! Wear warm accessories during the winter time and you can guarantee you’ll save money.
    4. Clean your Furnace. Make sure your furnace vents aren’t blocked and change your filters monthly. This small gesture can save you and it’s simple to do.
    5. Don’t be Generous. Only heat the rooms you use the most. There really is no sense in heating rooms you don’t use often. Close the vents in unused rooms and you will notice a huge difference in the heated rooms as well as the lower amount on your bill.
    6. Moisturize the Air. During Winter months, air in your home can become extremely dry. Moist air feels warmer and holds heat better. Purchase a humidifier or plants that add humidity to your home.
    7. Insulate and Appreciate. If you don’t have significant insulation, warm air could be escaping your home during the winter. Thousands of dollars are lost each year due to improper insulation. Go to your local home improvement store and purchase insulation, your bill will thank you later.
    8. Purchase an Adjustable Thermostat. You can save up to 10% per year with an adjustable thermostat. You can also manually turn the temperature down 10-15 degrees during the night and save some money.
    9. Don’t Exhaust Exhaust Fans. Use exhaust fans sparingly. These fans located in your kitchen and bathroom pull the hot air that rises to the ceiling out of your home.
    10. LED. One of the biggest reasons our bill increases during the Winter is holiday decor. You can save money just by buying LED lights and unplugging your decor when you go to bed.

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