How To Sell Your Home At The Price You Want

    It’s January and you’re thinking of putting your house up for sale. It’s just a thought that comes and goes and you don’t think much after that. Fast forward to March and you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and list your home; except there’s one problem: it’s not at all where it needs to be to get the price you want. This dilemma occurs more often than not with home sellers.

    In order to get your home to sell at the price you want, you MUST begin the process months prior to February. February is actually the start of the Spring market, believe it or not! During November through January, days on the market are longer and sale prices of homes don’t significantly increase. Come February, days on the market start to become shorter and prices tend to go up (this is good for you) due to an influx of buyers and sellers heading into the Spring market. Want to know why it’s great to have your home ready and listed by February? Less competition. You’ll be one of the first homes an eager buyer sees that pops up on the market. February is also a month where many snowbirds start coming back to “downsize” looking for ranch homes or condos. It’s a month that most people are in town and not on vacation or school break.

    Moral of the story? If you’re planning to sell your home this Spring, make it a goal to have your home ready by the end of February. Not sure where to start? Team Panella will schedule an appointment with you, walk through your home providing feedback on how to increase the list price and give you an estimated number of a list price along with fees you will be responsible for as a seller. This consultation is FREE! Click here to schedule an appointment or see what your home is worth!


    To see Team Panella’s current listings, click HERE.

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