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How To Sell My Home At The Price I Want

Selling your home at the price you want can be tricky, and in most cases can happen! Believe it or not, there are things you can do to increase your chances of selling at the price you want. One thing you can do is to start preparing a few months ahead of time. If this isn’t an option, evaluate the state of your home and call a realtor and have them do a quick walkthrough. They are the experts that have been out in the market, seeing numerous homes and the price they are selling for.

In order to get your home to sell at the price you want, you have to think about your buyers. What’s trending style-wise? Are buyers wanting to do their own updates or are they wanting a move-in ready home? How much is the highest price home in your neighborhood? What does it look like on the inside? If your buyers purchase your home and have to update it, will they exceed the highest price home that’s larger or newer? These are things you need to think about. If you can’t answer these questions, then we highly recommend consulting with an agent. The time in which you list is important as well. Ideally, you would like to start the home readying process in December or January since February is actually the start of the Spring market! Due to an influx of buyers heading in the market, having your home READY by February can increase the chances of selling your home at the price you want. Snowbirds will be coming back looking to potentially downsize while renters will be looking at the chance to own their own home! 

If you’re not planning to sell your home this Spring but next Spring, make it a goal to have your home ready by the end of February. Not sure where to start? Team Panella will schedule an appointment with you, walk through your home providing feedback on how to increase the list price and give you an estimated number of a list price along with fees you will be responsible for as a seller. This consultation is FREE! Click here to schedule an appointment or see what your home is worth!


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