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Kentucky General Elections

As you know, the Kentucky General Election is TOMORROW! Make sure you get out there and vote! Below, we’ve provided who you will be voting for (so make sure to read up on each candidate) and what you need to take with you!


Here’s who we are voting for:



Matt Bevin- R

Andy Beshear- D

John Hicks- L


Lieutenant Governor:

Jacqueline Coleman- D

Ralph Alvarado- R

Ann Cormican- L


Attorney General:

Greg Stumbo- D

Daniel Cameron- R


Secretary of State:

Heather French Henry- D

Michael Adams- R


Agriculture Commissioner:

Ryan Quarles- R

Robert Haley Conway- D

Joshua Gilpin- L



Mike Harmon- R

Sheri Donahue- D

Kyle Hugenberg- L



Allison Ball- R

Michael Bowman- D


Where do I vote?

Find where to vote HERE.


Below are the changes in precinct locations Mayor Greg Fisher posted to his account:



What do I need to bring?

You will need to show ID.

Acceptable forms of ID include: driver’s license; Social Security card; ID issued by the US government; ID issued by the Kentucky government with picture; credit card; county-issued ID card approved in writing by the State Board of Elections; or another form of ID containing both picture and signature.

Voters without ID: If you are unable to provide ID, you will be able to vote a provisional ballot.



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