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Neighborhood Focus: Portland

“Portland is Louisville’s largest neighborhood with approximately 13,000 people. Our boundaries lay along the Ohio River on the North, 10th Street on the East, and Market Street on the South. Our Western boundary zig-zags from Bank Street near the Ohio River at our Northwestern corner, along down and just to the west of the I-264 Shawnee Expressway, to Market near 32nd at our Southwestern corner.

In the 1800s, Portland experienced many waves of immigrants, first the French, then the Irish, and finally the Germans. Many Louisville Catholics today can trace their roots back to Portland. Today the neighborhood, although among the lowest income levels in Louisville, is experiencing a rebirth and a revitalization. Many young families are moving back to our city and are attracted by the historic architecture and inexpensive starter homes in the Portland Neighborhood. Louisville artists are attracted to the new Art Gallery Warehouse District bordering 15th Street — home to Tim Faulkner Gallery, Louisville Visual Art, and the forthcoming Portland location of the University of Louisville Hite Art Institute.

Recently, new restaurants have opened up, including The Table Cafe and McQuixote Books and Coffee. Many long time businesses serve the neighborhood, such as Ace Hardware, Janes Brothers Hardware, Sandy’s Florist and Bridal, and Victor Mathis Florist.

With its river connections, multi-cultural history, and immigrant spirit, Portland’s close-knit community of extended families is centered around parks, churches, and locally-owned businesses.” (Description courtesy of

What you may or may not know, however, is that Portland is potentially becoming the next version of NULU. There is a lot of debate on whether or not this change is good, or even wanted by the people of Portland, but it is certainly something that is in motion.

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