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    Investment Property 101

    1. Real Estate Can Be Reasonable

    If you have a good real estate team at your back, a reasonable property can be found. Do you want something that is renter ready, or needs a little rehab? Do you want a fixer upper? The right real estate team will connect you with the right people to make your rental property a success.

    2. Rental Income

    Rental income not only helps pay off the mortgage of your rental property, but a good property should also pull in more rent than the mortgage payment. If the mortgage is $700 a month, but you can charge $875 for rent, you’re making a $175 profit every month on top of your payments, and you can use that money to reinvest into the home, save for another project– whatever your heart desires.

    3. Investment Portfolio

    Over time, investing in rental properties can build an investment portfolio that allows you to make exciting financial decisions. A good rental property can last for decades if cared for and maintained properly, then filled with the proper tenants– this means years and years of investment!

    Curious about what owning investment property in Louisville might look like? Check out Team Panella’s ideal investment property: 619 Iowa Ave. Louisville, KY.  This property is already rented and ready to be added to your portfolio. Here is a link: 619 Iowa Ave


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