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    Supporting Local Businesses During the Coronavirus

    The Coronavirus has created devastation throughout the globe. It’s not something to take lightly and the Governor of Kentucky has done his part to ensure safety among Kentuckians. While important, social distancing and quarantine is hurting our local small businesses. Although we absolutely hope all small businesses in Louisville will survive this terrible situation, we know that it’s not realistic. However, there are things we can do as Louisvillians to do our part to increase their chances of survival. When needing things such as cosmetics, lotions, food, jewelry, etc., stop for a moment before heading to Amazon, Walmart, Kroger or other large corporations and look to see what local businesses offer online. This slight detour from your normal routine can make a huge impact on our local economy. Below is an ever-changing list of local businesses that are online and need your help now:
    Local Nursing Home Facilities

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