Team Panella Gives Back: Serving His Children

    Serving His Children  is a cause near and dear to Team Panella’s heart. It was on their compound that Scott’s vision for Give A Goat started to form– and as such, has been one of the most consistent donors for GAG’s Goat Milk. Serving His Children aims to break the cycle of malnutrition one life at a time. For several years, Serving His worked as an outpatient clinic, but they have recently reformulated their ministry in order to grow in a more sustainable fashion. In their own words, Serving His Children is a God breathed and God directed ministry focused on breaking the cycle of malnutrition in individual families by following the principles of Rescue, Mentor and Hope.  It is our hearts desire to reflect Christ in everything that we do and to diligently seek His direction in all aspects of this ministry. It is our belief that God is redirecting the avenues of ministry that we have followed for the past 5 years and is opening doors to new directions that will enable us to accomplish His goals in a more sustainable manner.  This time of transition has offered many opportunities to revisit our history, revamp our plan of action and renew our desire to be the hands and feet of Christ.”


    For every transaction Team Panella has, $100 goes to one of four ministries– and Serving His Children is among them.

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