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    Team Panella Gives Back: Give A Goat

    Did you know...

    Whenever Team Panella has a transaction, we donate to something bigger than ourselves? $100 of each transaction goes to one of four charities: Sole Hope, Give A Goat, Serving His Children, or Lemonade for Life as selected by our clients. We do this because we believe so deeply in what each of these causes are doing, and because we believe that serving is vital in all aspects of our lives.

    Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to each of these causes, but it seems only appropriate to begin with Give A Goat.

    In 2103, the Panella family left their home in Louisville and traveled to Uganda to add two boys to their numbers. While there, Scott and Meg saw a great need and realized they could do something about it. Give A Goat was born out of the idea that a single goat can change an entire family. The first goat given, Brownie, was met with tears and laughter. In Uganda, goats are more than a four legged creature–they symbolize hope. Give A Goat believes in something deeper than simply handing a family or organization a piece of livestock; Give A Goat aims to serve the group by providing housing, fencing, food, medical care, and education.
    Several organizations that Give A Goat partners with simply need the goat milk. In the case of malnourishment clinics, the focus has to be completely on their children, but milk is a vital step in the process. Scott and Meg began to wonder how best to serve these groups. In 2015, an expansion plan made itself available; what if Give A Goat provided a farm for the goats being housed to help the various NGOs and organizations in Uganda? The Give A Goat Farm is currently a functioning work in process– goats are housed and they are being milked all while the farm is built up around them–making it both something exciting that is developing and still very productive. Give A Goat looks forward to sharing stories of hope, love, nutrition, and goats very soon.


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