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    Top 10 Home Design Trends For Spring 2019

    1. Purposeful Decor– Ever heard of “less is more?” That’s exactly what we are talking about here! 2019 is the year of reduction. Out with the clutter and in with organization!
    2. Lighter Wood Floors– Homeowners are wanting a more airy and open feel and light wood floors provides that. Shades of birch, white and light oak reflect more light and can appear luxurious or casual. 
    3. Nature Reserve– More green and wood please! Homeowners have a greater interest in the relationship between human and nature. More natural organic materials like wood floors, stone and plant life will be seen in the home this 2019.  
    4. Feminine Tones– Hello blush, dusty pink and bronze are in style and you’ll be seeing more of these colors. Don’t confuse this with rose gold- that color is now on the out! 
    5. Floral Design– Accent walls are out, but floral fabric and wallpaper are in. 
    6. Darker Countertops– It’s simple: lighter countertops are out and warm, darker countertops are in! 
    7. Bold Backsplashes– You will start seeing a lot more boldly patterned backsplashes in 2019. Homeowners are out with the conservative backsplash and in with the bold patterns.
    8. Black Bathrooms– Out with the grays and whites and in with the black! Are you bold enough to paint your bathroom black? 
    9. Dark Paint Colors– Bold isn’t just happening in the bathrooms but all over the house too! Dark greens, purples and blues are in for 2019. 
    10. Warmer Neutrals– We didn’t expect the cool neutrals to stay in style forever did we? Warmer neutrals are now the way to go in 2019, make sure you get on board! 

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