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    Top Breweries in Louisville, Ky

    If you are from Louisville, then you understand the importance of bourbon, horse racing, and basketball, but have you ever thought about the importance of beer? Probably not, but it’s something you need to start thinking about! In recent years, Louisville has welcomed the craft beer boom with the development of local breweries as well as local beer festivals. Craft beer is the new craze in the ‘Ville and we are loving it. It’s safe to say that in addition to bourbon, horse racing, and basketball, ‘craft beer’ is also on the list of great things this city has to offer! Below, we are going to talk about breweries you must try in Louisville!


    How can wtalk about some of the best breweries in Louisville and not include Against The Grain Brewery? Against the Grain, located downtown in the southeast corner of Louisville Slugger Field, is what craft beer in Louisville is all about. ATG is one of the largest breweries in the area which is evident by their selection of beers. You name it, they have it. One thing we love about ATG is their ability to develop the funkiest and freshest beer names. For instance, “Citra Ass Down,” one of their most popular beer selections, is a DIPA which has a distinct citrusy and tropical fruit flavor. Or try the “Retitled Pilsner,” a smooth and refreshing German style pilsner. Since they are also a restaurant, they serve delicious food, including their famous brisket and pork sandwiches, AND you must try their tasty brussel sprouts! ATG is everything American from their beer selections to their connection with Slugger Field. If you are attending a game at Louisville Slugger Field, you have to stop in and grab a bite, and a beer.


    Located off Barret AvenueMile Wide Beer Co. offers a selection of craft beers ranging from Wheat Ales to Milk Stouts. Since Mile Wide’s brewery is located on site, you have the ability to watch them brew your beer through a floor to ceiling glass window. Their system can produce up to 475 gallons of beer at a time, which is almost 3,800 pints, how crazy is that? Mile Wide has a lot to offer that other breweries don’t, which includes a large parking lot, dartboards, arcade, and multiple seating options. Although they don’t serve food, they do host several food trucks for those who need some grub with their brew. If you want a lighter beer, Mile Wide brews “Barstow,” an American Wheat Ale with aromas of summer wheat and sweet citrus, but if you’re in the mood for a heavier beer, The “McPoyle” is a Milk Stout with a deep, roasted  chocolate flavor.



    Gravely Brewing Co is the world’s first music brewery. What does that mean you ask? It means Gravely combines the best live music and sound wall, with a microbrewery, and we just aren’t sure of what to call it- a music venue, or a microbrewery? This brewery is family owned and operated by Nathanial Gravely and Cory Buenning, and located off Baxter Avenue. Together, Nathaniel and Cory have over 30 years of experience in the music and brewing business. Along with serving beer, Gravely serves Mayan Street Food due to their partnership with the Mayan Street Food Truck. “Burrito Mondays” are a thing at Gravely with which you can enjoy their ever-changing  delicious burrito specials at a great price. Gravely has over 20 beers on tap with their most loved being “La Bamba” (Mexican Lager), “Channel Orange” (Blood Orange IPA), and “Sprockets” (German Pilsner). Their pilsner, “Sprockets,” placed SECOND in the World Beer Cup, which means it is the second best pilsner in the WORLD! Keep in mind, the World Beer Cup includes craft beer from all around the world, including Germany! So, whether you want to sit back and listen to some tunes, or drink to unwind, Gravely is the brewery for you!



    If you’re in the Schnitzelburg neighborhood, you have to stop in Monnik Beer Company! Owned by Brian Hilton and Ian Luijk, Monnik provides the number one thing you’re looking for in a neighborhood brewery: community. Monnik started with the idea that people can walk down the street and hang out with their fellow neighbors and friends in one location. The brewery also includes it’s own executive chef, Meghan Levins, who cooks up dishes based on her culinary experience ranging from New England to the Deep South! On tap, they have a spectrum of light and dark beers including “Mild George” and “His Dark Materials,” which is a lactose-sweetened stout with aromas of tobacco rich flavors. If you’re still hungry after your delicious meal and beer, opt-in for some ice cream from Louisville’s own, Louisville Cream!




    Louisville natives, Matt Fuller and Zach Barnes had an idea that came to life when they created Great Flood Brewing in 2014. Through hard work, dedication, and commitment, they’ve created a team as well as their own production facility right here in Shelby Park. At their Bardstown Road location, Great Flood brews a variety of beers including Stouts, Ales, and IPAs. Their “’37 Coffee Porter” is exactly what you’d think it tastes like- coffee. The roast and chocolate flavor from the darker kilned malts give the beer that coffee flavor that you’ll love. On the lighter side of things, the “Saison” beer is as they call it “a funky and fruity saison” made with Belgian Pale Ale, so if you’re looking for a ‘fruity’ beer, this one is for you.




    A local brewery in Lyndon? Who would’ve thought? Owned by Kristy and Scott Gambill, Holsopple Brewing includes a six-barrel brewing system and offers a variety of craft beer selections including lagers, ales, IPAs, and Stouts. Kristy and Scott believe the craft brew industry is one in which you have to continuously be learning and experimenting, so you will see Holsopple coming out with new beers sooner rather than later. Holsopple doesn’t serve food, but you can taste delicious local cuisine from food trucks parked at the brewery. FlavaVille and All Thai’d Up have been revisiting food trucks you can count on to satisfy your cravings! I think it’s safe to say we can name Holsopple the official brewery of Lyndon!


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