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Top Pizza Parlors in Louisville

It’s #NationalCheesePizzaDay Luckily, Louisville has an abundance of places to eat so we can show our appreciation for delicious cheese pizza. Below we discuss eight pizza places you have to try as a Louisvillian!

1- Old School N.Y. Pizza

If you’re in the mood for some New York Style Pizza, you know the “fold over pizza,” Old School N.Y. Pizza off La Grange Rd. is the place for you. This pizza place is also offers calzones, which are not offered at many pizza places in town!

2- The Post

Located in Germantown, this one-of-a-kind New York Style Pizza place was created by Nash and Laura Neely. This pizza joint offers 20” pizzas, local craft beer, and a glimpse into the past with VFW’s Ladies Auxiliary! This fall, head on over to The Post and take a seat outside to enjoy some craft beer, delicious pizza, and the sounds of Germantown!

3- Old Chicago

Okay, enough with the New York Style Pizza, let’s talk about some Chicago Style! With two locations in Louisville (Jeffersontown and Springhurst), Old Chicago brings one of the best happy hours along with the best Chicago Style pizza. Not only are their pizzas delicious, they have some of the best salads and appetizers. On tap, they support the local beer scene with Louisville breweries in their restaurants!

4- Iroquois Pizza Inc.

This small business off Manslick Road has a large menu! From pizza to pasta dishes to sandwiches, Iroquois Pizza Inc. has you covered. Whether you order a personal pizza or 16” pizza, you will not be disappointed! Not in the mood for pizza? Check out their wings, chicken finger basket, or salad!

5- Butchertown Pizza Hall

Created by Butchertown residents Allan and Shelly Rosenberg, Butchertown Pizza Hall (BPH) was developed by taste testing multiple flours, cheeses, and 40 different types of tomatoes! BPH creates a fun-filled experience with a jukebox and game room located in their restaurant. BPH also has many other items on their menu including wings, salads, brick oven sandwiches, and delicious desserts!

6- Bonnie & Clyde’s Pizza Parlor

Located in Pleasure Ridge Park (PRP), Bonnie & Clyde’s Pizza Parlor has been opened for nearly 50 years. If you are looking to buy some pizza here, make sure you get some cash out beforehand as this parlor takes cash only! This pizza spot serves mini-size pizzas, 18” deep dish pizzas, sandwiches, and salads. When you order, you’re given a large playing card in which the number and suite are called over the intercom when you’re food is ready. How unique is that? If you’re in the PRP area, you need to check out this hot spot!

7- Bearnos

We can’t complete a delicious pizza blog without including our very own Bearnos! Established in 1977, Bearnos has been serving the Louisville area Sicilian Style Pizza that is characterized as thin crust with a multitude of toppings on top. When you go to Bearnos, you have to check out their #1 selling pizza- “Mama Bearnos Special.” This pizza is loaded with flavor and is practically a supreme pizza on steroids! Bearnos is a pizza parlor like no other. You have to try this delectable pizza- look up a location near you!

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