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    Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Home Fall Ready

    Cooler temperatures, football season, and pumpkin spice lattes are all signs of fall approaching. As the seasons change, so does the amount of maintenance needed for our home. Fall is the perfect time to give your home some TLC and prepare it for the cold winter. Here are some things you can do to get your home fall ready!


    1. Furnace Inspection. Hire an HVAC professional to test out your furnace. They will check for leaks in your system as well as your gas lines. They can also check for carbon monoxide (the most common cause of death due to poisoning Worldwide). This is an excellent time to check your air filter to make sure it is cleaned. You can take it a step further and clean your vents to lessen the impact of allergens in the home.
    2. Safety Devices. Check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to make sure they are in working condition. Replace the batteries if needed.
    3. Check for Drafts. Test to see if you have drafts around your window by using a lighted candle. Safely hold the candle up to the window, if you see the flame flicker, you most likely have a draft. Try to caulk, or replace seals. If you are unable to find the cause, you may need to hire a professional. Getting your drafty windows fixed could save you a lot of money and energy.
    4. Cover Air Conditioning Unit. Not many people think to do this during the winter, but it helps protect your unit from rust as well as wear and tear.
    5. Check Thermostat. Make sure your thermostat is still working properly. A programmable thermostat can save you a lot of money and is more energy efficient.
    6. Humidifiers. Clean out your humidifiers. Mold and other bacteria can grow in these machines, so it’s best to clean them, especially during the winter months. Vinegar is one of the best cleaning agents you can use.
    7. Check the Attic. Make sure your attic is appropriately insulated. With the cooler temperatures, it’s the best time to go up in your attic and check.


    1. Clean the Gutters. Clean the gutters routinely during the fall season. If it’s too dangerous, you will need to hire a professional. Leaves and other debris can clog your gutters, which can lead to more significant issues.
    2. Turn off Faucets & Store Hoses. Many people keep their garden hoses outside during fall and winter. First, it needs to be completely drained and stored in a dry place so residual water won’t freeze. If you have an outdoor faucet, you need to turn off the valve inside your home.
    3. Roof Check. You don’t need to necessarily go on top of your roof to inspect it. Look to see if there are any shingle pop-ups or for any damage on your roof. Call in a professional if you see something out of place.
    4. Check Chimney & Fireplace. When is the last time you swept your chimney? If it’s been a while, you need to call someone in to check it going into winter.
    5. Landscape. This is an excellent time to clean up outside since the weather is cooler. Trim trees and bushes back and move flowers in that can’t withstand the cold. If you don’t know which flowers can withstand cold temperatures, check your local climate zone.
    6. Fertilize the Lawn. Fertilizing the lawn will help prevent damage during the winter months. It also gets your lawn ready for spring time.
    7. Clean the Garage. Purge, clean, and organize your garage since it’s cooler temperatures.

    Tending to your home in the fall can save you money on emergency repairs that need to be made during the winter. It can save on energy costs and you will also have piece of mind knowing your home is in great condition and ready for winter!

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