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Why it’s Beneficial to Buy or Sell in the Winter

While many Louisvillians are looking for the best retail deals, others are looking for the best deal on a home. While buying or selling a home during the winter time seems unpopular, it actually has it’s benefits. For those who need a change of scenery, here’s some info on buying or selling during the winter time.

  1. The selling price is less inflated. If the house goes on the market during the winter season, it’s usually because of the necessity to sell, and if this is the case, buyers are in a better position to negotiate. This is terrific for buyers looking for a deal on a great home.
  2. Less Competition for buyers. In addition to the selling price being lower, buyers also don’t have much competition in regards to counter-offers and other interested parties. Buyers are more likely able to keep money in their pocket as the price won’t creep up due to a bidding war.
  3. People are more jolly during the holiday season. For buyers, this can be a win! Sellers may be more inclined to help out buyers since it is the holiday season.
  4. Homes look their best during holidays. Interior and exterior holiday decorations can increase the beauty of the house tremendously. Holiday decor can make any buyer feel ‘at home’ and get a glimpse of what the home could look like for them during the holiday season.
  5. Photography is key. We all know how beautiful homes look in the fall. Taking pictures of the home in the fall will bring out the beauty of the home. If pictures can’t be taken until winter, sellers need to make sure to clear off all sidewalks from snow and flatten the snow as much as possible.
  6. Serious buyers. Just how buyers will have sellers needing to sell, sellers will have serious buyers. Usually there is a reason for buyers looking for a home during the winter time and this can make the selling process a bit easier.

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