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Selling Your Home

You’ve finally made the decision to sell your home, great! Here are some tips to follow in preparing your home to sell.

Landscape Lawn should be immaculate. Mow the lawn, prune the bushes, weed the garden, and plant colorful flowers. If you have to, put some sod/grass seed on spots that need grass in the yard.

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Exterior- This is the first impression of your home. The outside needs to be cleaned. Clean the gutters, pressure wash the siding if you have it, and freshen paint on the front door and windows. The front door should also be painted in a color that contrasts with the home, and makes the home stand out. If you have room, place a new, clean, welcome mat to let buyers know they are invited into your home.

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Interior- STAGE! We can’t say this enough. It is one of the most important components to selling your home. Staged homes sell quicker than homes that aren’t staged. Make repairs, as you want your house to be in the best possible condition. Replace air filters, fix sticking windows and doors, nail pops, holes in walls, faucets that drip, loose knobs burnt out light bulbs, and try to shampoo or replace dirty carpet. If buyers notice any of these things, it can discourage them from purchasing your home.

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Closets- Organize your closets, drawers, and pantry. Believe it or not, buyers may look into your drawers and closets. Messy closets can give an appearance that your home doesn’t have enough storage.

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Surfaces- DECLUTTER! Buyers want to envision their belongings in your home. You can store your knickknacks, photos and other personal items elsewhere, but don’t have them out, especially during showings. Make every surface shine from ceiling fans to floors.

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Windows- Let the sunshine in! Open curtains and clean windows for natural light to shine in! If windows are extremely old, you may want to replace them because buyers will look at window conditions when buying a house. Safety is also a concern for buyers, so make sure windows are operable.

Walls- Touch up paint on the walls, but don’t make it too obvious that you touched up. At least make the paint streaks in the same direction as the original painting. Wash down your baseboards and touch them up with paint as best as you can. Neutral colored walls are also what buyers are looking for…if you can paint your walls a neutral color, that can help your buyers choose your house over others.

Floors- Make sure all floors are cleaned.

Bathroom- Clean and declutter bathroom as much as possible. Put your belongings away and not on the countertop. Replace toilet lids if yours is old and worn down.

Smells-  Eliminate any bad odor. Hide the litter box and use an air neutralizer throughout your home. You can put some smell good air freshness in your home, but the smell needs to be a neutral smell, and don’t overdo it. If a buyer notices extremely strong good or bad smells, this can discourage them from buying your home. When showing your house, you can bake a batch of cookies beforehand or put out fresh flowers!