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Summer Maintenance Home Tips

Clean out Gutters: Often times gutters are forgotten about until the heavy rain exposes the debris. Make sure to give gutters a good clean and research covers you can place on top to eliminate build up.

Clean Windows: Another maintenance routine forgot about. Power wash windows on the outside and windex them on the inside. Doing this will give you the opportunity to check the conditions of your windows while also giving them a good wash.

Weed and Feed: Want beautiful green grass? Now’s the time to put down some weed and feed to get rid of weeds and allow your grass to grow. Make sure to read the instructions and protocol if you have pets. Another rule of thumb is not to cut your grass too short or it may kill it and turn brown. 

Clean Grill: Think about the amount of germs and grease that can be left on the grill. Make sure to give the grill a thorough clean so it will last longer. Check the propane tank to see if you need more or check the amount of charcoal you have left.

Clean Patio Furniture: Patio furniture can develop build-up or discolor from the sun exposure. Give your patio furniture a good clean to keep it from rusting or developing build-up!

Declutter Garage: As we all know the garage can end up being the storage unit of our home. What better time than the beginning of Summer to go through boxes and throw or give away what you don’t use. Has it been longer than a year since you’ve used something? Get rid of it!

Clean Air Conditioner: What will you need working at it’s best in the Summer time? Obviously the air conditioning unit! Make sure to call and get this essential system working at it’s best.

Test GFCI outlets: Another item that needs to work at it’s best is the GFCI outlet. Make sure to go around the house checking these outlets.

Flush Hot Water Tank: Your hot water heater can develop build-up which can be a bad thing for you. Make sure to flush it out so it lengthens it’s running time.

Clean out Fridge: When’s the last time you’ve cleaned out your fridge? How many expired items do you think you have in there? Throw out expired condiments and sauces and create an organization system for new items! 

Clean Ceiling Fans: Who else forgot we had ceiling fans that needed cleaning? Dust build up can be a bad thing, especially if you have allergies. A quick clean can help circulate cleaner air which is good for you and your home!

Test Smoke Detectors and Other Alarms: As the most important security systems for you and your home, these alarm systems should be checked on a regular basis to ensure protection.

It’s important for you home to always be up to date appearance-wise as well as maintenance-wise. You may not be looking to sell your house now, but the more upkeep you do of your home, the easier it will be to list it and put it on the market. If you want more maintenance tips, contact us at