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Top 7 Kitchen Hacks

  • Magazine Holder. We all know how annoying trying to get those boxes in and out of the drawer. Use a magazine holder to store long boxes inside a cabinet door. Put some command strips on the holder and hang it on the door with no worries!

  • Dividers. We also know how annoying Tupperware can be. There’s always a lid missing or a bottom that doesn’t match the lids present. Put dividers between the lids and containers in a kitchen drawer so you have a better visual of what you have!

  • File Organizer. Nothing is more difficult than trying to pull a pan out that’s stuck on other pans. No worries, we’ve got the solution; a metal file organizer. Now you won’t have to pull pans out individually to see which one you’re getting. You’re welcome.

  • Car Trash Can/Unused Dog Food Bin. Who’s tired of those left over grocery bags? Do you just throw them somewhere and grab one (or all) when you need one? No worries, we have a solution for you: a car trash can! Wrap up (or not) the bags, put them in the trash can and lift the lid when you need one!

  • Shower Rod. Anyone else just through their cleaning stuff under the sink and call it a day? Well now you can have make more room and organize your cleaning cabinet. With a shower rod, you can place all your spray bottles on top and make room for wipes, sponges, etc. Genius!

  • Command Strips. You no longer have to stack lids on top of each other in your cabinets and risk breaking one. Place small command hooks on your cabinet door inside and voila!

  • Wall Glass Mount. Not enough cabinet space? No worries, make a wall-mounted mug and glass holder. This saves you much room and actually adds to the decor in your home!


About the Author: Team Panella is your “go to” real estate team for all things real estate in Louisville.